18 … oh ! It is so special

What is so special about this number ?

The sum of digits is 9, and that for many is a specal number. The difference is 7, and ask a football fan and he will tell you how special that is.

For many, it is the age at which one can get a license – a license to drive, a license to drink, a license to vote. It seems to be the age at which one gets freedom

Freedom from what ?

Freedom is a state of mind. And the mind is not bounded by age or by a number.

18 … oh ! It is so special

18 is perhaps just a point in time, a coming of age (in a metaphorical sense) when rights get burdened with obligations. When freedom gets bounded by responsibilities.

It is not the age when you fly free, but the age you fly with a purpose. It is not the age when you can do what you want, but the age you become responsible for your actions.

18 … oh ! It is so special.

Only if you take this time to think about your future. Only if you continue to dream, and live your dreams. Only if you make this the year when you see the thorns along with the flowers. Only if you learn to fall, and stand up again.

18 … oh ! It is so special.

About Neeraj Garg

I have spent more than 20 years in the corporate world, in a mad rat race, like many others. Sometimes, very so rarely, I try and find some time for myself to pen down my thoughts.......not deep or intense, but often asking myself questions about issues that are top of mind.
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