Synonyms of “woman”

As Woman’s Day approaches, I began to think about the words that describe many women that I know. What are the synonyms I could think of. A few words came to mind but i decided to look up the oxford dictionary, and I found words like ‘mother’, ‘daughter’, ‘lady’, ‘girl’, … and i said to myself: “are these really synonyms?”

“Isnt a synonym a word that means exactly the same?”

But are women simply defined by the roles they play ? And I thus decided to make a list of the words that are my synonyms for woman …
– strong
– frail
– caring
– tough
– determined
– unsure
– courageous
– bold
– demure
– talkative
– silent sufferers
– multi-taskers
– jone of all trades, master of …

– ….. and the list can go on, …

Shouldn’t the Oxford dictionary consider these as synonyms of woman because so many of them that i know are better described by these words than by lady, girl, daughter or wife ! I dont think a woman can be defined through someone else, which is what many of these synonyms try to do. A woman stands on her own.

As i wrote this list, another thing that struck me is that many of these words when paired together are opposites. Mathematically put, this seems impossible. If A = B, and A = C, than B = C. But in women, why does this principle work ?

Well I guess, thats what make a woman so unique. The normal rules of math, of logic, of language, dont apply to her. She stands alone. Stands tall. Stands like an enigma that we cant explain, and hence we try and define her as a mother,wife, daughter, sister ….

Let me not do that. Let me give a woman her due. I won’t make her God because that is something I cant define either, nor will i find any other synonym for her. Let her be a woman, nothing more, nothing less, nothing similar. Let me celebrate her for who she is, and not for whom I want her to be.

Wishing a woman, and every woman, a very happy Woman’s Day.

About Neeraj Garg

I have spent more than 20 years in the corporate world, in a mad rat race, like many others. Sometimes, very so rarely, I try and find some time for myself to pen down my thoughts.......not deep or intense, but often asking myself questions about issues that are top of mind.
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